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Wool rugs are hand woven rugs made from natural wool. Wool is the most commonly used natural fiber in carpeting. They usually come with intricate designs and patterns, thanks to their knots that count hundreds. It is said to be a noise insulator, which is why they are much-preferred for family homes with lots of traffic noise.

Wool rugs typically feel softer and more luxurious than polypropylene carpet. Wool rugs are flame resistant, while the chemicals in synthetic rugs might make them highly flammable. Synthetic rugs are cheaper, but the quality is lower, and they can be harmful to the environment

If you are putting wool hand knotted rugs in a nursery, or someplace where you plan to spend a lot of floor time they can feel itchy (just like a wool sweater) if you are laying on them.

Notably, sunlight streaming through a window directly onto any rug is virtually guaranteed to harm it, whether morning or afternoon, southern or western sunlight. Naturally dyed rugs and synthetically dyed rugs suffer equally. Colors fade unevenly and wool and cotton dry out and become brittle.

If the wool rug you’ve just got is shedding and you doubt it will ever last that long, know that shedding is normal. With proper care and treatment, most rugs stop shedding in three or four months, leaving you a rug of which you will be proud of!