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If you are not a fan of big and pricey wall decor you still have an option to have noticeable wall decoration like decorative wall plates featured on your walls. This unique wall art idea is becoming more popular to showcase antique or memorable collectors’ items and to add accent colors to your walls. So what are decorative wall plates, and how do you display them on the walls?

Decorative plates are not just plates that you serve the food in. These art objects are made of ceramic, metal or wood (at least from the Central Asian region) and are hand painted on ceramics or hand engraved on metal or wood. Each plate has its exceptional design whether it’s a miniature or geometric or floral design with hidden meaning elements.

Decorative plates are mounted on the walls with the help of a special mounting mechanism. Before you purchase the mounting mechanism for decorative wall plates, make sure you know if you’ll be placing it on a concrete or wooden wall and buy accordingly. As well take into consideration the size and the weight of your decorative wall plates.