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Table runner is an ingenious narrow long piece of cloth placed along or across the flat table surface.

What is the purpose of table runners? Since the full coverage tablecloth was considered an aristocratic innovation the wise women came up with the better idea to protect the bare table surface from heat, spills, drools and other mess made when eating. They started to place a narrow covering in the middle section of a table. Then the cloth became fancier, and it was used for special occasions or holidays. And in the end the table runner has become more of a style element without being overwhelming like the full coverage tablecloth. And actually less expensive.

As well, table runners might serve you a good guideline to table setting.

Whether you just want an extra protection to your table or a table decoration – table runner is a terrific choice! Explore our wide range of table runners and pick yours – whatever the occasion it will be our table runners will enhance and make the table setting even more beautiful and joyful.