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Rug runners is a term that is used to describe rugs that are long and narrow. Rug runners are usually placed on staircases, narrow hallways, bedrooms, the entrance of the house, the kitchen and in the bathroom in front of the sink.

For the bedroom a carpet is great, but so much of it ends up hidden under the bed. In this case the rug runners are a better solution because they have a long and skinny shape what makes them a perfect alternative for use on one side of the bed, or both sides if your bed is centered in the room, and they make for a cozy landing for your feet in the morning.

Rug runners are a fashion forward trend, and they are extremely important for safety reasons. Steps and other areas of the house are slippery and can be loud. Rug runners placed on them reduce the risk of slipping and are soundproof. For the same reason rug runners are placed in front of the sink and in the kitchen as well as in the hallways and entryways.

As you see rug runners carry not only aesthetic purpose but take place in your house as safety guards. Make sure you uphold that in mind.