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Today collectables rugs and carpets may cost more than a luxurious car. Why is it so? Why have products made of heavy, fleecy patterned fabric, used for covering floors or wall decorations, became so valuable?

It has to be avowed that many collectable rugs and carpets are history themselves The collectors seek for rare, unique, fine antique rugs and carpets that were handwoven. The best is considered if an antique rug or a carpet is signed by it’s master.

There is substantial evidence that modern Western art takes its roots from Oriental rugs. Many artists who we respect and admire today understood the art value of great Persian rugs. The Cubists, notably Klee and Kandinsky, studied the abstract forms of tribal rugs. Paul Gauguin, enthralled by the inventive use of color in Oriental rugs, said, “O, you painters who seek to know color, study carpets and therein you will find all knowledge.” Henri Matisse was surrounded by carpets and textiles throughout his life and their influence is seen abundantly throughout his work.

Today, because the classical skills of production and the culture that supported the weaving have all but disappeared, only an extremely small number of the handmade Oriental carpets and rugs that remain are considered art-level collectible rugs and carpets.