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Usually, the base of wool & silk rugs and carpets consists of wool fibers, while the pattern on the surface of the rug is made from silk. This makes the silk & wool rug stand out in comparison with other blends.

The concept of blending two of the most traditional fibers of carpet-making together is centuries old but has never been mass produced simply due to the monumental task and efforts required for mixing the two materials and thus achieving a quality that surpasses all the existing categories and types of carpets.

These inherently beautiful wool and silk rugs and carpets are one of the most hard-wearing types in the handmade, hand-knotted category and extremely resilient and durable to high wear and tear for medium to high traffic areas.

The strong nature of wool fiber makes wool and silk area rugs strong enough to withstand regular moving around of heavy furniture like table / chairs. A wool-silk carpet ‘bounces’ back quickly from such ‘treatment’ as compared to the much more delicate pure silk carpet.

Hence wool & silk rugs are ideal for most parts of your home or work place and can be placed in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, corridors or just about anywhere!