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There are so many Wall decor ideas which bring your walls out of the background and make them to be thrilling pieces of art and add interest with color, texture and form to your place. If you got tired of the traditional framed art or photos then follow our ideas for wall decor to spruce up the vertical surfaces in your home.

If you are a large-scale wall decor fan go for a big Suzani – it will be a great solution either as the living room wall decor or as the bedroom one. You will never get tired of staring at those intricate details of hand embroidery which add up to a single image of the whole suzane.

Another variation to play with texture and color on your walls is Ikat fabric. Ikat is a resist dyeing technique that is used to dye the yarns before weaving the fabric. The end result is a piece of cloth which is dyed in a variety of colors. Pieces turn out unique. They make the art statements themselves and look wonderful when placed on flat walls.

One more idea for wall decor is metal carvings. This ancient art was known since 7000 B.C. Metal carving is eternal. So if you would want to add a few cold glints to your interior – metal carving panels or plates could do you a good job here.

And of course paintings – paintings of local artists filled with so much positive energy. It either could be miniature paintings or bigger works. But all of them pass that special ambiance of Central Asia.

Don’t leave your wall bare! Make them stand out!