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Decorative Vases and Jugs have been in our interiors since the beginning of the times. At first, they served us as the necessary kitchenware but as time has been passing by they started to become an interior design object. Vases or jugs were used as containers for liquids. And that is why they were always in sight. No wonder they have been decorated in various ways to present the abundance and wealth of the master of the house. Just remember china’s emperor’s porcelain, Roman or Greek jugs, Maya ceramics and vessels etc. All of them were finely decorated for their period of time.

Now decorative vases and jugs are being used more as interior or exterior decor. For instance, large vases are placed directly on the floor especially if there is an “empty” corner.

Smaller decorative vases and jugs look great on tables, chest of drawers, sideboards.

Decorative vases and jugs which are hand made and hand painted and metal chased are the art pieces themselves. They can also be wonderfully combined with each other or compliment other art objects such as rugs or other home decor.