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Can you imagine your home decor without decorative pillows thrown here and there and bringing such a zest to your interior design? Decorative pillows or how they else called – throw pillows – are frequently used not only as a comfort item and keeping function like head, neck and back support item but also as a piece of interior which ties together colors used in interior, colors of walls, drapes, rugs etc. If placed on sofas, armchairs, beds, day beds they bring a sophisticated look to your interior.

There is a wide variety of decorative pillows including suzani pillows, bahmal pillows, ikat pillows, leather pillows and others here on Silky. A lot of them are hand embroidered by uzbek women for whom that is not a job but more of a lifestyle with which they were raised by their mothers and grandmothers. What a piece of art those embroidered pillows! And you can have that piece of art right at your home.