SMO Manager

My name is
- Anna Smirnova.



At the moment, I am acting as a Market Manager

My cooperation with Minzifa began back in 2015th, when in February of that year I came for an interview with the bearded “Sensei” Timur, a guru of tourism, antiques, applied arts and generally a cool man))) He believed in my potential, saw a spark in my eyes, cause since childhood my dreams have been connected to the old city of Bukhara, the heart of not only Uzbekistan, but the whole of Central Asia.

2. Describe briefly the time when you worked in Minzifa (a couple of fan stories in two sentences)

The time spent with Minzifa is the most memorable. These 5 years flew by as one moment, and at the same time, I remember every moment. Most of all, the reactions of tourists are remembered when we solve their problems, expand the boundaries of our capabilities, offer the best solutions for them.

3. About quarantine (the onset of quarantine, about hard times, what we did, what experience we got with the team)

With the onset of quarantine, everything changed, everyone began to perceive the situation more “sharply”, there were many changes beyond our control. Of course, there were discontent, but had to cope with panic on the go. Quarantine taught me personally to quickly “weigh” the situation and make a decision.

4. About good times (how we came to the Silky project with the help of quarantine and gaining experience)

The Silky’s project was not spontaneous. We went to it, choosing the methods that most satisfying the needs and requirements of our consumers. Based on many years of experience in online trading, we have thought through everything to the smallest detail, thereby making the final product lightweight for our consumers.

5. Why do you like this project, your impressions?

I think the Silky project has great potential! What we want to offer our consumers on one site is a wide range of goods from Uzbekistan, their uniqueness, quality, and most importantly, guarantees and delivery – this is a truly gorgeous opportunity to acquaint the whole world with the centuries-old traditions and arts of Uzbekistan and Central Asia.


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