Developer Manager

My name is
- Timur Ashurov.



Profession: Coder, Junior programmer

When he joined the company: joined the company on September 12, 2018

Fan stories:

“Rainy photo session”
During a trip to Samarkand, my colleague Timur Jabbarov and I were caught in a downpour, and we had to take photographs. In general, we were soaked to the skin, but we made very cool photos of Samarkand.

“Acquaintance with a camel”
During a trip to Sarmyshsay, I first saw and stroked a camel. As I understood after I approached the camel, he liked me too and he climbed up to kiss me.

What did he do during the quarantine: started studying programming and building sites on popular cms

How I came to the Silky project: I was invited to participate in the development of the site for the Silky project, and that’s how I got into this friendly team

Why I like this project: this project brought me new experience in website development

What I’m good at: Advertising and website design


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Ashurov Timur Just Brutal pic

I am best at:

Advertising Design
Website Design
UI and UX

My Achievments: